CLC-5000 Tabletop Filtering Laboratory Centrifuge

Western States - CLC-5000 Lab Filtering CentrifugeWestern States is pleased to introduce the CLC-5000, an economical lab filtering centrifuge. Minimize the time and labor of your skilled professionals by using the CLC-5000 for your separation needs!

Lift the basket from the shaft, carry to your workbench and recover all of the retained solids. The CLC-5000 will leave you with clarified liquid, dry solid cake and greater control of the separation environment.


  • Economical Solution
  • Minimizes Time and Labor
  • Portable, Versatile and Powerful
  • Easy Cleaning and Sterilization


  • Fully Viewable Processing Area
  • Adjustable Basket Speed
  • Up to 2,130g's of Separation Force
  • Toolless Basket Removal

Western States - CLC-5000 Lab Filtering Centrifuge

Western States - CLC-5000 Lab Filtering Centrifuge

All Western States Machines are proudly Made in America with over 95 years of manufacturing expertise.

The CLC-5000 Tabletop Filtering Lab Centrifuge is the Right Fit for Your Laboratory Needs!

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