What are your hours of operation?

Our normal business hours are from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time. However, we are on call 24 hours x 7 days a week x 365 days per year for emergency and support. Simply call 513.863.4758.

What types of information do I need to provide to Western States regarding batch and continuous centrifuge applications?

Western States needs to know the present method of separation, product characteristics, throughput, utilities, electrical classification, controls and instrumentation, materials of construction and any ancillary equipment. For your convenience please see our Centrifuge Application Questionnaire.

In general, what do I need to set my water pressure at to achieve uniform washing of sugar?

For short cycle operations where sugar is washed to high purity, the nozzle pressure for BEST RESULTS should be at LEAST 50 PSI. Click for Instructions for Uniform Washing of Sugar.

What temperature should my water be for uniform washing?

If curb tops DO NOT HAVE  sliding covers, the wash water temperature at the centrifugals should be slightly below the boiling point. If a superheated wash water system is used and curb tops HAVE  sliding covers, the wash water temperature should be regulated at 225 - 330°F (107 - 110°C).

What are critical items needing immediate attention during scheduled routine maintenance?
  • Basket and Spindle has excessive runout at all times
  • Head Buffer or Discharger Rest Bolts are loose
  • Discharger Rest Stop is worn or Load Control Servo spring is broken
  • Sugar is left in basket after completion of discharging

For your convenience, click to download our Maintenance and Priority Schedule.

What are four things I need to do each month to make sure our machines continue to operate at peak performance?


  • Check rubber buffer for tension
  • Check interior of Brake Drum
  • Check oil in head and in coupling cavity if not circulated
  • Check strainers in water lines

Click for a Suggested Check List for Operation Maintenance of Centrifugal Station.

Why is the centrifuge load unbalanced and how did this occur?

Product related reasons:

Loading the basket at too low or too high a RPM. Improperly fitted/designed feed pipe. The filter screen is improperly fitted. Discharged product can sometimes stick to the area around the basket spokes and the underside of the basket bottom.

Mechanical related:

Worn or damaged main or drive motor bearings. An unbalanced or out of round basket. The main curb suspension system is not operating optimally. Connection(s) to the centrifuge, e.g. the effluent pipe, feed pipe, etc. or some other impinging structure is impeding movement of centrifuge.

Click Tips and Tricks for Operating Batch Type Centrifuges for more tips and tricks to operate batch type centrifugals.

More information in our Resource Library Section.