Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges

Western States - Horizontal PeelerThe Western States RINA 700 Horizontal Peeler Centrifuge is designed to provide total automation and efficient separation of solids and liquids for chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

The configuration of the RINA 700 allows the process components to be separated from the mechanical components by a cleanroom wall to provide easy maintenance and sanitization.

Design Features and Benefits

  • Accessible design to facilitate easy cleaning, maintenance and inspection
  • Sight windows for observation of the centrifuge process, solids discharge liquid outlet
  • Horizontal axis for even loading of the cake on the basket
  • Compact placement on an inertia plate supported by 4 viscous dampers to absorb vibration
  • Feed Pipe can be custom designed to achieve equal and uniform distribution onto the basket
  • Discharge can be performed at various rotating speeds of the basket
  • Steep solids discharge chute
  • “Blow-back” option during discharge for efficient heel removal
  • CIP (Clean in Place) cleaning system
  • SIP (Sterilization in Place) cleaning system
  • Inert gas blanketing and purging
  • Continuous vibration detection system
  • Complete PLC controls with touch screen interface option

Western States - Horizontal Peeler

Western States - Horizontal Peeler

Materials of Construction

The product contact surfaces can be constructed of 316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Titanium or other exotic alloys with highly polished surfaces. Surface coatings can consist of Halar, PTFE or other special resins to satisfy customer requirements.

Manufactured by

Western States - Riera Nadeu, S.A.