Roberts I-Series Continuous Centrifugals

1100 | 1300Western States - ROBERTS I-SERIES Continuous Centrifugals

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Why Choose the ROBERTS® I-SERIES

  • Exclusive side-feed design for reduced crystal breakage and minimal purity rise
  • Operates over Improved, centrifugally cast, stainless steel basket with larger holes for superior purging and new 5-year warranty
  • Multi-point internal suspension for superior vibration isolation
  • Simplified maintenance:
    • Faster screen changes - less screen segments than many competitive designs
    • Easy to remove screen clamps
    • Above grade, easy access belt tunnel
  • Best long term value based on tons of sugar produced per hour
  • Every unit precision tested before leaving the factory
  • Gentle “guide-rod” style massecuite conditioning system to minimize crystal breakage and limit dissolved sugar
  • Touch screen controls with intuitive interface
  • We never obsolete ANY machine
  • Modernize, refurbish and repair
  • More affordable
  • Faster delivery
  • 24/7/365 Emergency service and support

Western States - Continuous Centrifugals BasketThe Western States continuous basket is a one-piece high strength stainless steel casting. The high strength of the centrifugally cast basket allows the drilling of large drainage holes and the machining of annular grooves on the inside of the basket. This design provides the highest drain rate of any continuous centrifugal basket available. High drain rate means more massecuite can be processed in a smaller basket. Smaller baskets require less power to operate reducing the cost per ton of sugar produced. All of our baskets feature a Five Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

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