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Western States - ROBERTS G-16 LINC Batch CentrifugalsThe New ROBERTS® G-16 LINC Batch Centrifugals

The ROBERTS® G-16 LINC has several advantages over the G8-style batch centrifuge. The G-16 LINC incorporates the latest TITAN Batch Centrifugal technology; fits into existing footprints; and utilizes existing structural steel. As a result, it is budget friendly (closer to the cost of used equipment) while increasing performance, productivity, and throughput.

Key ROBERTS® G-16 LINC features include: a downward opening spring basket valve which allows for a completely unobstructed sugar discharge; a simple design; a long valve life; and no part of the mechanism is in the basket.

Utilizing Western States’ patented ringless baskets in the G-16 LINC centrifuge increases the overall throughput capacities, which immediately and positively impacts the bottom line. Additionally, the unit comes standard with our new N-13 Universal Discharger which is easily adjustable and minimizes sugar loss.

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ROBERTS® I-SERIES Continuous Centrifugal

Western States - ROBERTS I-SERIES Continuous CentrifugalsWhy Choose the ROBERTS® I-SERIES

  • Exclusive side-feed design
  • Improved, centrifugally cast, stainless steel basket
  • New 5-year warranty
  • Multi-point internal suspension
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Best long term value
  • Every unit precision tested
  • Gentle “guide-rod” style massecuite conditioning system
  • Touch screen controls
  • We never obsolete ANY machine
  • Modernize, refurbish and repair
  • More affordable
  • Faster delivery
  • 24/7/365 Emergency service and support

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