Our Leadership

Robert Sinnard Jr. - President & CEO

Western States - Robert Sinnard Jr. - President & CEO

What do you believe is the single most important attribute of a successful business?

Hands down – SERVICE! It doesn’t matter how many sales you have in the short term. What truly matters is developing long-term relationships which ultimately lead to repeat business. Built on a foundation of trust and commitment, we provide our customers with the level of service that they want and deserve. You have to be there for them when the times get tough.

How is Western States different from any of your previous employers?

I have never worked in a company with such vast experience at every level. It doesn’t matter which discipline you’re talking about – sales, logistics, purchasing, credit, engineering or manufacturing because every department has so much depth and breadth of knowledge. Over the last several years we have been able to onboard energetic team members who now benefit – harvesting that knowledge, being mentored, actively sharing their talents and contributing to our team. It really is a very unique opportunity.

You might not know this about me:

I have over 35 years of experience in Industrial Sales and Marketing with companies such as Anheuser Busch, Quaker Oats and Brown Forman. I obtained an MBA from The University of Notre Dame and if possible, someday I’d like to get my doctorate degree because I love learning. I have been very lucky to be married to my wife Kim for 32 years. I have two grown sons, Danny and Colin and a beautiful daughter-in-law, Kim. As empty-nesters, we enjoy long walks with our miniature chocolate lab, Baily.

David Douglas Buckner - Vice President International Development

Doug Buckner - Director of International Market Development

How does Western States develop its team members?

We develop team members by providing an environment to allow people to grow and learn. Naturally, we recognize areas where individuals need specific knowledge and we send people to formal training and try to place new employees with mentors to guide and encourage them and to facilitate the acclimation to our industry and our marketplace.

We value our team members. We strive to treat people fairly and to empower them to be successful. We want team members to have a level of independence – to manage their own area and be able to accomplish objectives using their own creativity and initiative – to live to their fullest potential.

What is your greatest moment or achievement while here at Western States?

My greatest success to date would be our new state-of-the-art facility and being associated with such bright and talented people. Securing the land, designing the plans, overseeing the construction, obtaining attractive financing, the physical move and logistics – each phase presented unique challenges. However, collectively as a team, we overcame any hurdles without sacrificing service, on-time deliveries and quality.

You might not know this about me.

I have 45 years of experience in diverse industries and a number of different positions and functional areas. Industries include; aerospace, software development, construction, electronics and machine manufacturing. Areas include; software development, sales and marketing, accounting, manufacturing product management and executive management. I have a BS from the great San Diego State University.

Angel Proaño - Director of Sales and Marketing

Western States - Angel Proaño - Director of Sales and Marketing

Where did you grow up? Are you from the area?

I was born and raised in a small town in the mountains in Cotacachi, Ecuador which is one of the best cities for people who want to retire.

Hobbies/Outside Interests? Family?

I love horses, practiced horse jumping. I started as a pure bread horse breeder for racing horses and jumping horses in my country (Ecuador). My passion is my family. I love my wife who has been with me for almost 17 years. We have two beautiful daughters that we spoil. My wife and I love to travel and explore new places.


I have a background in Engineering. I have a Business Degree and I am working on an MBA. I have had several seminars in International Sales, Marketing Sales, Business Development, etc.

Name one thing that no one knows about you.

I was in politics in my country. For one year I was the deputy-mayor of my home town. Like politics, hate corruption.

Todd Hershberger - Chief Financial Officer

Western States - Todd Hershberger - Chief Financial Officer

What unique opportunities has Western States provided to you?

Even though I have spent my entire career in the accounting field, I have had the opportunity to get involved in a variety of aspects pertaining to our company’s growth. With Western States, I’ve also gained a greater appreciation for seeing support in action because we continue to provide parts and service to every one of our machines in the field – no matter how old it is or what part of the world it is located.

What is your most memorable moment with the company?

A drunk driver fell asleep and drove his car completely inside my office at 1:00am one weekend. This was before Microsoft Outlook and I had all the tax deadlines and other reminders on a paper calendar that was soaked with motor oil and it got thrown away.

What is your favorite hobby and why?

Road cycling because it is a great stress reliever and it keeps me in shape and allows me to be outdoors. I’m also an avid Boston Bruins hockey fan because they are a tough, physical, defensive-minded team; as such, they are focused on playing their system and not on individual accomplishments. Lastly I enjoy music; especially progressive metal, because it is long complex arrangements played by top level, technically proficient musicians and is full of odd time signatures.

Scott Kunkel - Director of Operations

Western States - Scott Kunkel - Director of Operations

Over the past year, what is the most significant improvement Western States has implemented to strengthen the business?

The amount of time and resources dedicated over this past year to design, plan and build our new facility. Being hands-on has provided me several unique opportunities such as participating in product design reviews with experienced engineers; helping create a manufacturing operation from scratch alongside talented manufacturing personnel; and working every day with professionals who care deeply about what they do for customers. All of which has been established for our continued growth and future expansion, proving beyond any doubt that we are positioned to serve our customers for decades to come.

What is your favorite hobby and why?

Trapshooting is my favorite hobby because it forces me to completely focus on one target at a time and nothing else. This is my time to get away from life’s worries for just a short while.

You might not know this about me.

I have an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Dayton and have worked in various roles within manufacturing companies for nearly 30 years. I am blessed to be married for 29 years and I am the father of three children.

Bill Temple - Director of Engineering

Western States - Bill Temple - Director of Engineering

What experiences and talents do you bring to Western States?

I have always been a hands-on guy, from building a drag racing car to fixing old Harleys by the side of the road. I am also a bit of a scholar, and have been studying Western States’ designs, manufacturing, and markets for nearly 20 years. I’m excited to bring this knowledge to our customers, determine their needs, and bring ideas back to my engineering team to create world-class solutions. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Cincinnati, where I graduated with honors. I completed some work towards an MBA in Management in 1989 from Miami University.

You might not know this about me.

I am married with two grown boys and one granddaughter. We live on 18 acres in the country in Indiana near a large lake where we enjoy our large pack of dogs and boating.

Celia Cano Ramon - Human Resource Manager

Western States - Celia Cano Ramon - Human Resource Manager

What unique opportunities has Western States provided to you?

I joined the Western States team almost eight years ago. I started in the Sales Department helping with files and clerical work. During my time at Western States, I have had the opportunity to work in all of our departments. I have enjoyed each position because I have learned a different aspect and gained different viewpoints of our operations. I am proud to be a part of the Western States team because we take the business to the next level: we always put the customer first and we never obsolete any machine.

You might not know this about Western States:

Western States’ primary goal is taking care of customers. To accomplish this we continually strive to go the extra mile. We have a 24 hour, live-person, helpline and we do whatever is humanly possible to help our customers with any questions or emergencies. We also believe in being environmentally conscious and we recycle paper, wood and metal regularly.

You might not know this about me.

I have a management and human resources degree from Xavier University that I earned attending classes at night and on weekends. I have been married to my husband Marino for 17 years and we have three children: Miladys, Edgar and Mark. We all love nature and we take every opportunity to go outdoors – winter or summer!