Our Team Members

Management Team

Western States - Management Team

Our Management Team Members (from Left-to-Right): Don Meineke, Todd Hershberger, Doug Buckner,
Bob Sinnard, Celia Cano Ramon and Scott Kunkel

Sales Team

Western States - Sales & Marketing Team

Our Sales Team Members (from Left-to-Right): Tonia Muhammad, Jim Neal, Ken Tobertge, Rafael Ibanez,
Bob Sinnard, Larry Miller, Emily Giuliano and Janet Allie
Ed Dunsmiur - Not Pictured

Engineering Team

Western States - Engineering Team

Our Engineering Team Members (from Left-to-Right): Don Meineke, Steve Myers, Jerry Jones, Chris Stover,
Kevin Reed, John Miller, Greg Allgaier, Jeff Pulido, Undisclosed, Don Henkel, Bill Temple, Steve Kerchner and Steve Willis
Wes Flannery - Not Pictured

Operations & Purchasing Team

Western States - Operations & Purchasing Team

Our Operations & Purchasing Team Members (from Left-to-Right): Tom Brunner, Hilary Diggs, Scott Kunkel,
Rick Hietman, Connie Jeffries, Kathy Huff, John Madaffari and Undisclosed

Finance, Logistics & IT Team

Western States - Finance, Logistics & IT Team

Our Finance, Logistics & IT Team Members (from Left-to-Right): Celia Cano Ramon, Todd Hershberger,
Janet Lawson, Denny Fairchild, Kim Meyers, Michael Vogt, Emily Schwartz, Harry Frisby and Angie Turner
Eric Parsley - Not Pictured

Field Service Engineer Team

Western States - Field Service Engineer Team

Our Field Service Engineer Team Members (from Left-to-Right): Chris Stover, Jeff Pulido, Don Meineke and Undisclosed
Jeff Stohr - Not Pictured

Inspection Team

Western States - Inspection Team

Our Inspection Team Members (from Left-to-Right): Tim Miracle, Cody Sorrell, Carl Vosberg, Undisclosed, Ed Zende and Scott Kunkel

Production Team

Western States - Production Team

Our Production Team Members (from Left-to-Right): Nate Butterworth, Ed Zende, Terry Bolser, Andrew Davis,
James Roark, Jay Janutolo, Mike Reedy, Gabe Williams, Carl Vosberg, Christopher Frisby, Carl Clouse,
Eugene Rader, Corey Pharo, Chris Schlegel, Chase McQueen, Cody Sorrel and Don Sherman