Rebuilds & Refurbishing - Chem/Pharma

Western States - Chem/Pharma Rebuilds & RefurbishingWestern States can rebuild any of its centrifuge and the centrifuges of most of our competitors. We have the experience and expertise to examine the centrifuge, tear it down, perform a detailed inspection of the components and make clear recommendations based on your process requirements. We can also upgrade your centrifuge to accommodate changes in product, area classification and offer improvements in technology, instrumentation and controls.

If you are changing your process we have 90 years of separation expertise to make sound recommendations that will be reflected in design change recommendations for your centrifuge.

A Typical Inspection and Rebuild Process Includes:

  1. Complete tear down
  2. High pressure, chemical or abrasive cleaning
  3. Visual inspection by experience technicians, mechanical and electrical engineers
  4. Dye Penetrant Testing or critical welds and castings
  5. X-Raying of the basket shell and weldments
  6. Detailed inspection and measurement of shafts, bearings and seals
  7. Detailed report for customer with recommendation
  8. Review of repairs, upgrades and recommendation with the customer
  9. Repair or replacement of components
  10. Basket refurbishment and dynamic balancing
  11. Reassembly
  12. Testing including bearing temperature check and high speed vibration tests
  13. Start-up assistance