Roberts G-16 LINC Batch Centrifugals

Western States - Roberts G-16 LINC Batch CentrifugalsThe Roberts® G-16 LINC Batch Centrifugal has many advantages over your existing G8 style batch centrifuge by incorporating many modern components borrowed from the latest technology of the TITAN Batch Centrifuges.

An often overlooked obstacle when replacing aging centrifugals is the modification necessary to fit larger machines into an existing station. Modifying structural steel and moving mixer tanks and conveyors can be a major undertaking. These necessary changes to accommodate a new, larger centrifuge also come at a high cost, adding tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to the overall project. The budget friendly cost of installation for the G-16 LINC enables you to purchase a modern machine for closer to the cost of used equipment.

This issue becomes more apparent when trying to replace just one existing centrifuge, or adding one centrifuge to the end of an existing battery. A centrifuge that fits into the existing footprint which utilizes the existing structural steel is a very cost effective way of upgrading to new equipment.


  • Downward opening spring basket valve which allows for completely unobstructed sugar discharging. The design is simple & the valve life is long. No part of the mechanism is in the basket
  • Increased capacity of the larger 1100 Kg or 1400 Kg capacity ringless baskets
  • Duplex stainless steel ringless baskets take less time to inspect
  • N-13 Universal Discharger which is easily adjustable, minimizing sugar losses
  • Precision paddle load control ensures accurate and consistent batches
  • The pneumatic solenoid valves are mounted and pre-piped allowing for less piping at installation
  • The basket is "front removable" which allows for easier basket access & removal
  • The locally mounted Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC includes built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • The Allen Bradley Panelview Plus Compact 1000 10.4” color LCD touchscreen displays cycle information, help screens, tracks maintenance hour intervals, maintains alarm logs, and tracks centrifuge performance information

Another important point to consider when determining the ROI on any prime equipment purchase is the cost of maintenance. The Roberts® G-16 LINC Batch Centrifuge helps to keep your maintenance costs low.

If you are considering a project to expand or modernize your centrifugal station and you do not want the added complexities and costs of installing larger centrifuges, Western States’ Roberts® G-16 LINC is your solution.

Western States - Roberts G-16 Maintenance Comparison Chart

Western States - Roberts G-16 LINC Batch Centrifugal Schematic Top View

The Roberts® G-16 LINC Batch Centrifugal is the Right Fit!

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