Upgrades & Modernizations - Sugar

Western States offers a wide range of modernization upgrades for existing batch and continuous centrifugals. The robust construction of the Western States centrifugal assures a life of 30 or more years. As technology advances and new innovations are incorporated into the TITAN centrifugals, Western States has created a line of modernizations that will allow the older Western States centrifugals to take advantage of the new technology. Upgrading existing Western States centrifugals will increase performance, decrease spare part requirements, reduce maintenance, and greatly extend their life.

Modernizations for Batch Centrifugals

Many modernizations are available to reduce parts usage and increase reliability and performance.

Western States - Ringless Basket

Ringless Basket

Available for the following sizes:

  • 48" x 30" x 7", 1200 rpm basket
  • 48" x 36" x 7", 1200 rpm basket
  • 54" x 40" X 7", 1200 rpm Basket
  • Same depth ringless basket will increase capacity up to 20% (requires no modification to curb)
  • Convert a 30" machine to 36" ringless and increase capacity up to 40% (requires curb modification)
  • Bolts to existing basket spindle
  • Can be used with existing two speed motors with no reduction in cycle time

Western States - Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Frequency Drive

  • Eliminate power spikes and reduce overall power consumption
  • Active front end drive and full regenerative braking returns power to the factory grid each cycle
  • Near unity power factor throughout the entire cycle
  • Encoder free operation reduces complexity and increases reliability
  • Eliminates the TurnTork slow-speed reverse drive
  • TEFC motor eliminates sugar dust contamination

Paddle Style Electronic Load Control

  • Replaces the mechanical servo loading system
  • Generates a 4 to 20 mA signal in response to changing sugar load to control the loading gate
  • Retains the sequenced gate closing action to assure maximum loading of the basket
  • Can be used with the sliding wedge or roller wedge loading gate

Enclosed Feeding System

  • Round, butterfly style, infinitely adjustable feed valve
  • Replaces the sliding wedge and roller wedge type loading gate
  • Dripping is prevented by a rugged oval shaped butterfly valve mounted on the curb top
  • Requires an electronic loading control

PLC Automation

  • Replaces old relay and obsolete PLC controls
  • Reduces spare parts cost
  • Compatible with DCS systems
  • Industry standard Allen Bradley PLC with world-wide support (Siemens also available)
  • Can be configured for Modbus communication

Western States - PanelView-Plus-1000

Touch Screen Graphical Operator Interface

  • Replaces mechanical push buttons
  • Full color graphical touch screen for manual or automatic control of the centrifugal cycle
  • Set all process timers from the screen
  • Control gate opening and basket fill from the screen
  • Screen displays operating information throughout the cycle
  • Displays diagnostic information to aid problem solving
  • Requires PLC upgrade

Modernizations for Continuous Centrifugals

Western States - Needle Valves

Needle-Valve Feed System

  • Replaces older style orifice plate feed system
  • Changes feed rates as massecuite consistency changes without stopping the feed
  • Achieves better pretreatment with the improved feed guide rod and halo steam design

Single Loop Control

  • Replaces old-style PLC and relay controls
  • Accurately maintains the preset operating level as massecuite levels in the mixer change

100 HP Drive Motor

  • Replaces the 75 HP drive motor of a CC-6
  • Increases throughput