Why Western States?

Western States - Why WesternThe top 15 reasons why you should choose Western States as your centrifuge partner:

  1. Western States provides the most technologically advanced centrifuges on the market today.
  2. Western States is constantly innovating – whether it is with our new Titan Machines or older vintage machines.
  3. The Western States engineering department is constantly looking at ways to improve efficiency by either creating new or upgrading older machines.
  4. Western States never obsoletes a machine. It doesn’t matter if the machine is 5 years old or 50, we have the parts to keep your machine running.
  5. Customers never have to “wait for morning” with Western States. Our 24x7x365 hotline allows you to speak to a qualified person about any questions or issues.
  6. Western States supplies a 5 year basket guarantee for normal wear and tear.
  7. Western States keeps close to 7 million dollars in inventory to help customers do what they want to do which is RUN! This inventory helps minimize downtime and unproductivity.
  8. The Western States Ringless Basket provides up to 20% more throughput with few changes to your existing equipment.
  9. Western States tests every machine by running a multi-point inspection for 2 hours before it ever ships to the customer site.
  10. Our team of talented and experienced Service Engineers is ready and willing to inspect and audit your machines. These audits list all of the problems found and categorizes them by urgency and when they need to be addressed.
  11. Our Service Managers also conduct classes – either on location or at our facility on how to properly service equipment.
  12. The interface graphics on our new machines are second to none. Operators can visually watch the machine go through its entire cycle. These HMI’s (human interface screens) can also warn the operators of potential maintenance needs.
  13. Western States has the fastest purging basket on the market due to our unique design and structure. As a result, we have greater throughput than competitive brands.
  14. Western States batch machines allow the customers to replace old machines into the same footprint on their structure with minimal structural upgrades.
  15. Established since 1917, centrifuges are Western States’ one and only focus – in the past – in the present and in the future.

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