CLC-5000 cEntrifuge

CLC-5000 Centrifuge

The Western States STM-2000 Centrifuge is a portable, self-contained, centrifuge that is suitable for small batch processing. The STM-2000 can be configured as a filtering centrifuge or a decanting centrifuge. The STM-2000 Centrifuge is a low cost solution for processes that require only small quantities of material and/or are done infrequently where a full size installation is not practical. The portability of the STM-2000 allows it to be easily transported to the process area when needed and then stored out of the way when not in use.

The STM-2000 Centrifuge is designed to be directly scalable to Western States line of Quadramatic™ Centrifuges which makes the STM-2000 Centrifuge ideal for pilot plant testing of new processes. The STM-2000 Centrifuge uses reusable filter bags custom designed for the STM-2000. The filter bags are available from stock in a wide range of micron sizes to fit most applications. Custom bags or replaceable filter screens for the basket can be supplied for specialized processes. The STM-2000 Centrifuge has a full opening top cover for easy access to the basket.

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Chem/Pharma Machines

Standard Design Features

Fully Viewable Processing Area
Adjustable Basket Speed
Up to 2,130g’s of Separation Force
Toolless Basket Removal

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