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Western States manufactures both batch and continuous centrifuges for processing all grades of sugar. Western States centrifuges are used in both the beet and cane sugar industries, as well as other non-sucrose applications such as dextrose and fructose manufacturing.

The Sugar Division has been supplying the beet and cane sugar mills and refineries around the world with the highest performing and most reliable batch and continuous centrifuges for over 95 years. Western States is known globally for its superior reputation in handling all types of massecuite and delivering robust solutions – in fact, many of our centrifuges have been in operation for more than 50 years.

At Western States, we integrate innovation into every aspect of our manufacturing and business operations. Our design team provides continuous improvement to our centrifuges in terms of performance, reliability, and cost reduction. Since the first ROBERTS™ centrifuges were produced more than half a century ago, we have more than 6,000 centrifuges installed world-wide.

The ROBERTS and TITAN lines of batch and continuous centrifuges continue the Western States tradition of robust design and efficient operation. Our lines of centrifuges combine modern manufacturing techniques with new alloys, advanced variable frequency drive technology, state-of-the-art PLC controls and touch screen operator interfaces to make both lines of centrifuges Western States’ most efficient and cost-effective products available today. Western States Centrifuges are fully compatible with your currently installed distributed control systems for the optimum control of your sugar production


Since Mr. Roberts invented the first centrifugal, Western States innately understands the sugar industry and the need for fast, efficient parts and service support during campaign. A 24-HOUR x 7-DAY x 365-DAYS PER YEAR EMERGENCY HOTLINE ensures Western States customers quick access to parts and service personnel.

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